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Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

Gratitude: A word we hear a lot, but how many times do we really pause, take a moment, and actually give gratitude for all that we have in our lives? Did you know that giving conscious gratitude has been shown to improve physical health, improve your sleep, reduce stress, enhance empathy and reduce aggression? Wow, pretty powerful stuff! Giving thanks is something I have practiced daily for quite a few years and it always feels so good when you take the time to do it. Personally I am forever grateful to all my loyal clients who have been coming to my Spa for many years, some for my entire career (Yes we were all much younger then)! I know you have choices for Skincare and aesthetics but you’ve chosen La Bella Vita and over time, you’ve share your lives with me, shared ideas, and remedies and so much more. I learn a lot from all of you, everyday. And I never take your trust for granted. I am also gratefully celebrating 25 years in business! Yup, this October marked 25 years. We were planning to have a celebration, but because my team; Elyce and Laura, had some life events which took precedence (And I really need my team to do that), we are putting it off until spring. Elyce welcomed a new baby girl to her family. Talk about gratitude! She is over the moon happy to be a Mommom! So stay tuned and we look forward to a party in the spring.

There is so much to be grateful for in this life, and especially now with so much unrest in the world. So as you all gather for Thanksgiving this year, with your families and friends, try not to let the work of it all get the better of you. Instead, pause and give gratitude and just breathe. It all gets done, and it is so much fun! My thanks to you with much gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving! Namaste, Candace

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Happy Fall!!! That being said, I just love, love, love Spring and Summer, and am really sorry to see it go!!! However, the good news is that the warm seasons will be back next year. I know so many of you just love the cooler weather, so for you, I’m happy!! I hope your Summer was as good as mine was. We were blessed to have Dale home for the month of July and he was able to be here for Alan’s 70th B-Day party that I had for him. And Alan gets to share his birthday with our grandson Isaac, his 16th! Such a good time-- despite the 95 degree day! It was so nice to have the whole family and friends all together. I do believe Miss Liberty Grace stole the show though! What a happy baby, even with the heat and all the people, she just smiled away. A tribute to her parents' great love and care. She is also starting to crawl now, so look out!

I must say that this was a hard summer on our skin with all the high heat that we had. I am seeing more damage than usual. So, now is the time to start reversing that damage to get your glow back! And there are many ways to do that.

We have a few great Facial Packages available to help correct and reverse some of the damage:


Micro Channeling Treatments are a great way to boost the firmness, by stimulating collagen in the skin, and break up the pigment spots. We do this with a proprietary mix of powerful antioxidants, peptides and growth factors. By creating all the channels in the skin, it helps to drive the ingredients deeper where they need to be to do their magic. A package of 3 Treatments usually will do the trick. Normally priced at $600.00 for 3, we are now providing the package for $550.00, a savings of $50.00. You will also receive a free travel size of Growth Factors and companion serum to help support you skin. AND no down time!

MY FAVORITE PEEL! My favorite Medical peel is Alumier Glow Peel. It does so much to firm and tightening up the skin and pores. And its very good for those pesky lip lines! You get a complimentary after care kit with this peel. Again, with no down time! Our Glow Peels are normally priced at $250.00 each, but we are currently offering a package of 3 for $700.00 -- a savings of $50.00!

THE DERMALUX FLEX MD, MEDICALLY CERTIFIED FOR ACNE, PSORIASIS, WOUND HEALING AND PAIN RELIEF (MUSCULAR SKELETAL) We are introducing a new device, The Dermalux Flex MD, from Europe to help firm, stimulate collagen and more. The multi-purpose Dermalux Flex MD is an effective treatment for skin concerns like full face and periorbital wrinkles and mild to moderate acne. It's also certified to target wider concerns on the body like minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasms. Unlike other treatments, it doesn't contain any harmful wavelengths or UV rays, meaning there's no damage to the skin. Non-invasive, safe and effective, there's no risk of injury or downtime afterwards and it can also be used by all skin tones and types. I’m very excited about this one! It will be an add-on to your normal facial if you choose, or a stand along procedure. At $75.00 for each session, you can purchase a package of 6 for $420.00, a savings of $30.00! And as a Bonus, you lay on the all Amethyst Bio-Mat in the healing room! So, there you have a few wonderful ideas for regenerating the skin after summer!

La Bella Vita Is Turning 25!!!

And, last but not least, La Bella Vita will be 25 before the end of the year! So, we will be having a special celebration in the coming months. We still need to set a date, so stay tuned for that announcement! Namaste’, Candace

Happy "Almost Valentines Day"!

Once again, I hope your the holidays were filled with love of family and perhaps some much needed rest. I know that is how it went down for us. Very small gatherings, so that in itself, gave me the opportunity to rest up some. So I was looking at it like a “Covid Gift”. It forced us all to slow down, whether we wanted to or not. I finally had to say to myself that, while it wasn’t the way our Christmas gathering always are, it did give me time to rest and reflect -- a wonderful gift from the universe! The New Year also brought us a new family member! My daughter, Jillian, and her Beau George, welcomed Liberty Grace into the world on January 3rd! 3 lbs 2 ounces of sweetness. She was a month and a half early, but is doing really well!

An Eyeconic Package!

As many of you know, we have a new line, AlumierMD, that I am loving a lot! They have just launched a new eye product, a Retinol Eye Gel, that firms, tightens and strengthens the skin. They are pairing with their Alumineye which helps improve elasticity and firmness, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. The package is $175.00 and includes a great little bag! And to sweeten the deal for Valentine’s Day, I will be adding in two packs of their Eye Rescue Pads. I am addicted to these myself! When I wake up in the morning after I brush my teeth, I put a bit of their serum under my eyes, and then add on the Eye Rescue pads and go have my coffee and catch up on emails for the day. It instantly de-puffs and brightens my eyes! My new Love! This line is worth taking a look at. This special is only while supplies last. (seriously!) So, if your gorgeous peepers need a little pick me up along with brightening and tightening, this is your product! Just stop by or contact me at 215-862-7008!

New Product Alert!!

SkinCueticals is also getting ready to launch a new product in February called Phyto A +Brightening treatment. It is a lightweight moisturizer that helps to soothe and correct out of balance skin to improve texture, brightness, and clarity.. More to follow on this next month!

MicrodermaMitts Sale!

Our amazing MicrodermaMitts instantly improve your skin without harsh chemicals. Skin exfoliation helps stimulate collagen, remove impurities to improve the look and texture of your skin. And now we have them on sale for $29.00!! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day -- whether it is with your Honey, or your Mom, Sister, Brother, Daughter, Son or Dog/Cat. Love is Love is Love! And in this world, that is all that really matters! Namaste’, Candace

Valentine's Day Gift Certificates!

December is also a perfect time to refuel! Take some time to focus on YOU -- look and feel your best for the Holidays. YOU deserve it! Relax. Be at your best this Holiday Season! Our HydraFacial treatment combines soothing and invigorating spa therapy that will perk you up for the Holidays using advanced medical processes to achieve instant and lasting results. Detoxify. Rejuvenate. Protect.

Not all Vitamin C formulas are equal!

This is an amazing product made by an amazing company that is based on Clean Science! EverActive C&E ™ + Peptide, is a multi-award winning vitamin C serum that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, revitalizing your skin. It received the Marie Claire Skin Awards 2021 EverActive C&E ™ + Peptide for ‘Best Vitamin C Product’ as well. AlumierMD is a true professionally-dispensed medical-grade skincare brand dedicated to the latest advancements in Clean Science, and delivering therapeutic outcomes for patients presenting an array of skin conditions and concerns.

Reserve Your Holiday Refresh!

For those of you looking for a Holiday Refresh, Dr. Lam will now be visiting us this Wed., December 8th and will be available to perk you up with Botox or a bit of Restylene. Contact us at 215-862-7008 to reserve your session! 

Gift Certificates are Always a Great Fit; Boutique Sale Give your family and friends a Gift Certificate which is always the right size! No shipping issues and always ready when you are! Stop by to pick one up or order online! Questions? And finally, our Boutique is featuring a great selection of gift items -- most of which are on sale now! Have any questions? Just contact us at 215-862-7008!

Visit our website

Reserve Your Refresh!

For those of you looking for a Holiday Refresh, Dr. Lam will now be visiting us on Wed., December 8th and will be available to perk you up with Botox or a bit of Restylene. Contact us at 215-862-7008 to reserve your session!

Don't Forget! To say thanks to all of you, we are providing this $10 off coupon good for any product purchase at La Bella Vita on Main through December, 2021!

Holiday Gift Certificates Give your family and friends a Gift of total relaxation and rejuvenation! Our La Bella Vita Gift Certificates are perfect for the holidays! Please visit our website or contact us at 215-862-7008!

Namasté, Candace

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