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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

Gratitude: A word we hear a lot, but how many times do we really pause, take a moment, and actually give gratitude for all that we have in our lives? Did you know that giving conscious gratitude has been shown to improve physical health, improve your sleep, reduce stress, enhance empathy and reduce aggression? Wow, pretty powerful stuff! Giving thanks is something I have practiced daily for quite a few years and it always feels so good when you take the time to do it. Personally I am forever grateful to all my loyal clients who have been coming to my Spa for many years, some for my entire career (Yes we were all much younger then)! I know you have choices for Skincare and aesthetics but you’ve chosen La Bella Vita and over time, you’ve share your lives with me, shared ideas, and remedies and so much more. I learn a lot from all of you, everyday. And I never take your trust for granted. I am also gratefully celebrating 25 years in business! Yup, this October marked 25 years. We were planning to have a celebration, but because my team; Elyce and Laura, had some life events which took precedence (And I really need my team to do that), we are putting it off until spring. Elyce welcomed a new baby girl to her family. Talk about gratitude! She is over the moon happy to be a Mommom! So stay tuned and we look forward to a party in the spring.

There is so much to be grateful for in this life, and especially now with so much unrest in the world. So as you all gather for Thanksgiving this year, with your families and friends, try not to let the work of it all get the better of you. Instead, pause and give gratitude and just breathe. It all gets done, and it is so much fun! My thanks to you with much gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving! Namaste, Candace

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