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How did it get to be October so fast?!

I do love Fall. The whole lovely change of seasons is something that I have always enjoyed. But so far, we have not had much of the crisp air that we are used to this time of year. Global warming??? I dunno, but I am certainly enjoying the warmer days that are hanging on!!!

The Fall season brings changes and our skin is no exception. Maybe you have been noticing that your skin is just not looking quite as nice, or you may have had a bit too much fun in the sun this Summer and it is just dull. Perhaps you have a few more breakouts?? Whatever changes you are seeing and experiencing can be easily remedied with an age appropriate facial or a Med Peel.

Fall is a terrific time for a Peel Series to get your skin glowing again!

And we do have many new Peel Series', as well as a brand new medical line called Alumier MD, a European line out of Canada. What I really love about it is the focus on clean science. From ingredients to packaging they have you and the environment in mind. This company believes in building healthy skin from the inside out-- without being unnecessarily harsh on the skin. I was very impressed by their professional peels that were effective-- with no down time!

We all want results.

The home care is easy to use, as it brightens and smooths the skin of fine lines and age spots, if malasma is your issue. Even if it isn’t, I definitely noticed a brighter skin while I was testing this line out. So if you are at all curious, I would love to talk to you about it.

Also please remember that Dr. Lam is in the last Wednesday of the month, October 27th, for all of your questions or to just perk you up with Botox or a bit of Restylene. Contact us at 215-862-7008 to schedule your appointment!

As for me, Alan and I just bought a new house and we are moving at the end of the month. Boy, it has been a lot of work, but we really did need more space. I always do everything backwards. Most people start downsizing as they get older, and we are upsizing!! LOL!!! Namasté, Candace

I hope everyone is having a terrific Summer!

It is so nice to welcome Summer this year and especially one that feels more normal. Did you see that incredible Strawberry Moon recently? Just beautiful! And all the nightly fireflies? I really enjoyed our beautiful Maine Getaway last week and hope that you have a chance to recharge this Summer as well!

Speaking of re-charging, it has been especially nice to welcome so many of you back and I can see that you've kept up your individual skin care routines with the products I've recommended to you over time. I have noticed something that struck me as odd until I realized why. What I have noticed on many clients, and also on myself, is a more slackened jawline. I thought about this at length until it hit me. We have spent more than a year wearing face masks and underneath those masks, many people stopped smiling! As a result, we stopped accessing the muscles in our face that prevents sagging. We were not smiling, laughing and communicating in our usual way. All of these little muscles are essential and we take them for granted when we are busy and active -- our jawlines prove that! I have a few suggestions to help get your skin glowing again. The quickest is when I perform the ProCell Treatment. Delivering human growth factors with fine one-use disposable, surgical grade needles works very well to create a gentle wounding of the skin and stimulate your skin’s collagen and fibroblast tissue to tighten, heal and promote more youthful skin. The next procedure I recommend is a Peptide Niacinimide Peel, which is a vitamin peel with lots of peptides and antioxidants which I use in combination with a stimulating facial massage to increase circulation to firm and hydrate your skin. I have seen many clients' skin bounce back after just 2 or 3 treatments. A third choice, which is what I did myself, is an Ultherapy Treatment performed in Dr. Lam’s office by his assistant Stephanie. This is a deep ultrasound treatment to gently 'wound' the skin which in turn will stimulate the collagen. It works over time, so it is not an immediate thing but it works well and I am happy with the results. Especially my lips!

Dr. Ben Lam, the premier Plastic Surgeon in Bucks County, will be returning to La Bella Vita on Wed., July 28th. Schedule a free no obligation consultation or reserve your spot for a Botox or Restylane treatment beginning at 6:00 pm. 215.862.7008

I really have so much to smile about this year. My son, Dale, is visiting with us from Japan for 5 weeks, and my daughter Jillian has announced that she and George are having a baby and I'll be a Grandma again!! So if you have been looking in the mirror and not liking how your skin is looking give me a call and we can figure out a plan to get your Mojo back again. And remember to keep smiling a lot and talking, too! Feels good already, doesn’t it?! Have a happy and safe summer! Namasté, Candace

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