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We really had the most beautiful Autumn weather that I can remember in a long time. And wasn’t the accompanying warm weather lovely? I know some of you like it cool, don’t worry, your time is coming! With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, I’ve been pondering just how grateful we all should be with so much unrest throughout the world right now at a time where many of us will be gathering to break bread as family and friends. It is a reminder that peace really does start at home. But these gatherings in the past have not always been peaceful. Even though on a very small scale, but how many family holidays do you remember where the peace was shattered, often by something silly; Uncle Joe drank too much and is picking on someone, the siblings are jealous or bickering about where to sit, the cook burned the yams or other events not normally portrayed on a Hallmark card. This is where we get to practice unconditional love. Not easy, I know. But if we all start with ourselves by trying to forgive and come from a place of love, it will energetically promote peace in our world. And remember to be grateful, truly grateful, actively grateful, and mindfully grateful for the many things we are fortunate to have. Even if we are dealing with our own personal struggles, we still have so much to be grateful for, including who we share our lives with, the safety of the towns we live in, and for the things that give us comfort.

In the spirit of the giving season this year I am collecting non perishable food donations for our local Fisherman's Mark. Let's help some of our local neighbors who are in need. Make a Donation and receive $10.00 off your next Facial treatment or store purchase over $50.

Remember to shop La Bella Vita on Main for your gift giving this year. We have so many beautiful and unique gift ideas for the people in our lives and truly something for everyone.

Our Gift Certificates always make lovely Holiday Gifts! And when you purchase a Gift Certificate for $100, you'll receive a $15 Gift Certificate for YOU!

I am also so excited, honored and humbled by New Hope Arts entrusting me to host this amazing bronze sculpture named EOS-Goddess of Dawn, created by the artist Gyuri Hollosy. You must come by and gaze upon her magnificence! Finally, when you are all gathered around the Thanksgiving table, take a deep breath, pack your patience, and think about at least one positive thing about every single person there, especially if they annoy you, and send some positive energy around the world. Namaste, Candace Paryzer Master Aesthetician, Proprietor La Bella Vita on Main 215-862-7008

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