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The little teaser of warm spring weather we enjoyed a few weeks ago during Easter and Passover came and left quickly. But now, as we turn the corner towards Mother’s Day, the rain is behind us, and we are enjoying the sunshine and Mother Nature’s re-awakening. And speaking of mothers, my daughter Jillian will enjoy Mother's Day in better health than last year along with Liberty Grace who was a preemie-newborn with her own health challenges but is now a highly active toddler! Jillian is an amazing Momma, and I am so proud of her encouraging Bertie to explore her world, born a double Capricorn she is a joyful little soul who belies her tiny size.


Mother’s Day can be full of so many memories that range from happy to bittersweet. This Mother’s Day will be a quiet one for me. In past years, my siblings and I would celebrate with a big outdoor Mother’s Day and many times would combine my sister’s birthday for an extra special occasion. We had a lot of fun (spelled f-o-o-d) and memories during those gatherings. But now mom is 90, and in the skilled nursing facility where she feels safe and consequently chooses not to venture out and gatherings at our home will live only in our memories. So, I will do the best that I can and visit with flowers from my garden and some tasty treat that will make her day special, not unlike many of you in similar situations.


Recently I had the privilege of taking some LIVE in person classes with Osmosis Beauty MD, which is an exceptional, clean, and effective skincare product line that I proudly use and recommend. I have been so impressed with their philosophy and integrity that next month, I will take a deep dive into their Master Wellness class, which is all about skin mapping and supplements, but even more extensive than what I currently work with. This is an in-depth study of the intricacies of achieving real changes to skin and reading the skin really does tell you what is going on inside the body. So, look for some new cutting-edge things coming up in the not-too-distant future! This is what keeps me excited about what I do! This is why I like to always learn and keep things current!


Perk up your wardrobe with wonderful spring and summer colors and pick up a gift for Mom as well! We have so many wonderful things in our boutique! Looking forward to seeing you!


Our Gift Certificates always make lovely Mother's Day Gifts! And when you purchase a Mother's Day Gift Certificate for $100, you'll receive a $15 Gift Certificate for YOU!

So, Happy Spring and Mother’s Day to all of you, whether it is children or fur babies, nieces, or nephews. And now I am going back to my garden, to enjoy some sunshine!



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